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These are images that evoke your business goals. Patricia Vogler develops complex

and abstract works - usually large scale - in which she specifically processes and uses

your input.


This kind of painting called „form signs intuitive“. This term includes painting which is purpose-built and follows the intuition of the artist. The composition of color and full of dynamic decorates lobbies, conference rooms and prestigious offices. Their positive and stimulating effects evolve to you and your company. They shine and communicate equally on customers, employees and colleagues. How to develop a so-called "especially energize company" picture, watch the movie.


How are pictures from Corporate Fulfilling Art

It doesn´t matter if you know your corporate objectives and values or you define

them now, a picture of Corporate Fulfilling Art goes along with you activily. 

It transformed your vision in a pleasant, vividly colored and inspiring source. 

It focussed you smooth and permanent on your goals. Because your artwork 
is correlated specially on your company and is expressed and saved therefor.


"especially energize company" picture

You will join the process of developing. Your own creativity shows up and will be

integrated. At the first step we share your intention. So relevant information 

will be said on different levels as language, intuition and energetic impulse. It 

has no to be fixed already, the essence of a vision are vague outlines and inner

pictures. Because defining the objectives – is the most difficult. However, 

your image will give you information and support that you have not previously

formulated exactly. This is the important part of my work and the benefit for you.

When these important first steps are done, your image is created in my studio, 

and you will receive the painting usually within three to six weeks. So in a nearly

intuitive process a energetic artwork is made for you. This piece of art on a 

honored place is the essence, the focused efficacy of your  vision, targets and 



Why do the pictures of Corporate Fulfilling Art 
have such a strong effect?

An artwork, that you ordered, will work because you give them your attention and

you consider it. It reminds you in an elegant and prestigious way of your goals. 

It strengthens you every day, because colors and shapes affect us all. These 
effects have been studied and this knowledge is used in many areas of 
our modern life - in logos, advertisements and signs - all places where pictures say more than words.

Images are not only language, they give rise to emotions. And feelings in turn

influence our thinking and action. Ancient cultures and traditions – such as 

Feng Shui – show us a way to thoughtfully and carefully management the images

that surround us daily. Your vision is translated in colors and shapes - in an artwork of Corporate Fulfilling Art. Visualize yourself! Freely translated Corporate Fulfilling Art means art fulfill your wishes. Do you like to see artworks from Corporate Fulfilling Art? Please click here.


„form signs intuitive“ 

This term includes painting which is purpose-built and follows the intuition of the

artist. The picture should trigger the viewer‘s impulses: curiosity, well-being,

mirroring the psychological state, interpretation activation of self-healing powers. 

The creative process is the preparation for this cycle basically. The artist

connects through meditation specifically with the purpose or person. This

„participation mystique“ permits access to the information that will be rendered 

in form and color artistic and unique. The visual communication works clearer

unconsciously and individually, more so than language. The perception and

recognition consists of two components: objective and subjective. What is relevant 

to the viewer, he selects. The viewer can start from where he wants to be picked

up. As necessary, willingness and openness will trigger the process carefully and

prudently. Together with the artist Ursula Paul, she has developed this sensitive 

way to paint, the new style „form signs intuitive.“

new age painting


About Patricia Vogler

Patricia Vogler, born 1964, has now worked since years fulltime as an artist and 

was a student at the evening school of the prestigious Städelschule. She studied 

in Frankfurt at the Academy of Visual Arts and in Sydney two years at the Raffles

College of Design and Commerce Multimedia Design. She was a lecturer at the

Hochschule RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. She has worked in marketing

and her work has won numerous awards. She is a member of the AGD

(Alliance of german designer). One of the artist‘s works was purchased for a public

collection. 2017 the artwork "interreligious" is property of the German

Federal Ministry of the Interior. She is represent by Kunstvertrieb mit Herz and Saatchi Galery online.

For research she wrote the study of painted signs „Scientific observations about 

signs from the beginning of mankind till now including the energetic signs 

of Patricia Vogler“ (only in german available)



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The Fine Artist Ursula Paul

…since years she is a fine artist and develop Personal Power Pictures. Creativity is her passion. Since her early life she loves to design, create, draw and paint. From 1996 to 2000 she studied abstract painting by Vadim Lapinsky. The artist‘s works was purchased for a public collection. 2017 the artwork "interreligious" is property of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior.



Personal Power Pictures


These are pictures painted for one person. They can be focussed on job and career or over all on spirit, soul and body.







„We know Ms Vogler in our business for a long time and we`re keen to figure out how to work such a picture, that is made for us. Of course there is (not yet) no  academic evidenve, but for us the positive influence counts.“

For a priniting company, Frankfurt


„The artwork of Ms Vogler has the prominent role in our  conference room – over all in our offices of our agency. All my employees and especially me are delighted of the positive and motivational vibes. It is a huge difference between an impersonal bought picture – we are totally enthusiastic to have the every day a customized and expressive artwork – and to benefit from it.“

For an advertising agency, Wiesbaden


„Everyone can see our picture – customers and employees. It is more than decoration. My employees know and feel, that this is a visualized and after all a positive perspective of our future.“

For a company in the finance sector, Mörfelden


„A picture says than thousand words. But a picture from Patricia Vogler says to me, what even thousand words couldn´t express. It is like to look a magnificent landscape and overwhelmed me, and I have to look at it all the time.“

For a consultant, Berlin